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If you have data, we can help you make sense of it - the sky's the limit!

Our unique Agile Data Science approach allows us to respond to your analytics needs flexibly and reliably, ensuring you always walk away with something useful.

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Data science plans

Align data science with business vision, avoid analysis paralysis and translate analytics to business impact.

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Data due diligence

Understand how data and calculations are used in your organisation and move from legacy to future-ready workflows.

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Data science products

Develop, test, and deploy the top technologies and scientific processes.

We'll help align your data with your business

Whether you're working with social media, ppc, operational spreadsheets, or giant distributed databases, Mirror Analytics has a proven record of aligning business goals with analytics outcomes.

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VU Amsterdam

Cambridge University

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jegar Pitchforth

Population Genetics

Queensland University of Technology

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